// «Meat Bar» Restaurant


Classic grill & smoke restaurant
with a delicatessen shop
and an eclectic dining hall.

We have agreed with BB Group to design a new steakhouse restaurant on Novokuznetskaya Street.

The area of ​​the establishment is only 150 square meters. We've settled on the interior design and construction drawings package.

As is often the case with restaurants, the client provided us with references and a rough description of how they see the future space.

Our goal was to create a holistic image based on given references and develop a set of construction drawings.

Due to the limited budget, the references implied the maximum use of existing structures - open ceilings, concrete floors, and exposed walls. The emphasis was supposed to be on furniture and lighting.

In the first design, we proposed the design of the main hall in New-York style - a semi-dark eating area, with a ton of dark-stained wood and leather, low-hung lighting. The key materials we've envisioned were cast-iron tiles, concrete, subway tiles.

The customer did not like the first design, they insisted on making the interior more elegant by using different light fittings and cosier furniture. The open bar would remain without changes.


// Show kitchen and delicatessen shop view
// VIP room view
// View towards entrance and facade
// Eating area view
// Eating area and open kitchen view

The design was based on utilizing existing structures as much as possible. The floors were left in polished concrete with a bistro-style tile. The walls were finished with decorative micro-cement. Ceilings were left exposed with minimal preparation for painting in dark colour.

We've decided to design the open bar island using the same colours as the main grill station (visible in the open kitchen) - dark red with brass details. The bar was deliberately made different from the eating area - like a built-in country corner.

The furniture was selected according to the customer's instructions, trying to source simple but comfortable pieces in colours and upholstery suitable for a meat restaurant. Two bespoke elements were a community table made of live edge wood slab and a long wall sofa with a special shape of pillows resembling ribs.

The light fixtures were deliberately chosen to stand out from the industrial retro style expected in such establishments. We chose more elegant models with moulded glass and brass, spots with narrow-beam optics.






+ Space Planning
+ Interior Design
+ CG Visuals
+ Architectutral Construction Drawingws
+ Bespoke Elements Detailed Drawings
+ Furniture, Decoration and Plants Selection and Sourcing





Andrey Gavrilov Lead Architect
Victoria Pogosyan Architect
Georgy Kulakov CG Artist





Floor Finishes Concrete, Ceramic Granite
Wall Finishes Microcement, Ceramic Tile
Light Fittings