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// Our Company

Architectural studio "Méandre" was founded in Moscow in 2011.


// Our goal

creating a harmonious environment for people to interact with each other, with their own personality and with nature.


// Our interests

- Residential Buildings Design
- Commercial and Residential Interiors Design
- Urban Design


// About us

We are a team of professional architects, designers and engineers. We do what we do because we simply love doing it.

Using in-house team "Méandre" may perform full scope of design works demanded both by private and commercial clients. All members of the team know and are working together for at least 5 years - which improves speed and reduces mistakes.


// Permits

"Méandre" is an active member of SRO "UniveralProject" Association (Reg.No. СРО-П-179-12122012). With a first level of responsibility (single contract cost below 25 million roubles.)


// Awards and Competitions

"Méandre" participates in architectural competitions and exhibitions, including «Best Office Awards», «Zodchestvo», «MCFO» and others.

For the last 8 years, our team has completed more than 140 projects in different cities of Russia and other countries.




We are designers.
We don't manage projects, run tenders, check quantities, sell stuff and rarely build with our own hands. We generate ideas and help to turn them into reality.


Face to face.
We are working together and for those who will use the results of our work. We rarely work with middlemen.


Architect's leadership.
We take on projects we can creatively contribute to. Our collective efforts always start with an architect.


We know how to design an office, apartment, retail shop or restaurant. It doesn't mean that we can as easily design a school or a sauna or an airport. Nobody is a master of everything.


Full scope.
Our goal is to finish what we've designed. Not to sell sketches and forget.


Done is better than perfect.We are creative people who work within tight boundaries. We experiment. The ideal result isn't possible (but we're trying).