1. You choose designers, we choose clients. We tell you who we are and what we do. You tell us who you are and what you do. We tell you what matters to us, you tell us what matters to you. If we don’t qualify you won’t work with us. If you don’t qualify, we won’t work with you.

2. We design every project from start to finish - concept, MEP, working drawings, supervision — the whole shebang.  We don’t quit halfway, we don’t pick up where others left, we don’t cherry-pick. If you want an update — ask original author. If you want specific bit of work — find a professional for this specific bit.

3. If you want to know our figures and timescales be prepared to meet us in person. Get your decision makers and influencers talk to us. If they don’t think what we do is important, we won’t work on you project.

4. If you want something creative, get creative people from your side of the table. If you want something cool, unique, agile and innovative but don’t have people who agree on what this means — we won’t discuss creative matters with you.

5. If you’re looking for the lowest design fee out there, we’re not interested in your project. Research the role of designer before choosing one.

6. Design is like wedding planning. You don’t have final say. Even if you’re the one paying. Don’t work with us if you can’t tolerate “No” for an answer.

7. We respect your budget constraints. But for us to meet your expectations you have to have them. We should know how much you’re ready to spend. Get your financial people at the first meeting. If you’re not sure — work with other designers who doesn’t care whether their design will be executed or not. We do.

8. If your only concern is the lowest cost possible — we aren’t interested in your project, find an economist or a good buyer. This is not to say that we can’t achieve reasonable cost, it’s just that we refuse to use it as a guiding principle. If you agree to see the bigger picture, we’ll go for miles to keep you in black.

9. Design starts from agreeing what you want us to achieve. You tell us what matters to you, we design what you need and can afford — economically, culturally and psychologically. If you change your mind on what you want to achieve, we will need to start over.

10. We are agents of change – a lot of what we do brings discomfort, because it’s a change. If you want comfort — stay with what you have. If you want something new — then brace yourself for discomfort.

11. Delegating selection of an architect to a general contractor or project manager — is a sign of unimportance of what we do to you . True, some project are like that. Still, we don’t work with people who don’t find our work important.

12. We don’t work for free. No contracts with post payment. No contests with free concepts. No ideas giveaway.

13. Design is not about you liking the result. It’s like a Sunday roast — it’s not just about your taste, it’s about your guests leaving happy and grateful. For matters of taste, we will have the final word. If you personally don’t like the result, don’t ruin the party for everybody.

14. Don’t micro-manage and micro-adjust the design, it’s not working like that. Don’t try to steer while you’re at the back seat. If you want your own way — drive yourself.

15. Our design  should be built exactly as we say. As soon as you sign off on our design, you lose the right to change things. You have an option of not accepting the design of course.

16. There is an issue of kickbacks. If you’re suspicious we’re frauds, let’s talk it through. We’ll teach you how to protect yourself. If you don’t trust us at the end — we aren’t interested in you project, it’s not going to be successful.

17. We won’t copy other people’s designs. If you want a replica, ask original artist for one.

18. Design will always have an element of experiment in it. If you want predictable — copy. If you want something new, be prepared for some contingencies. If you want something unique - be prepared for big contingencies.